Hey, we're two guys making games in our spare time. We're usually making multiplayer games, jam games and sometimes a mix of the two.

Our latest full game is Scrunk - an online team-based building and raiding game.

We also made Superstatic - a top-down shooter where you're given the ability to possess and control your enemies and (way back in the day) Crawle - a sandbox dungeon crawler with a focus on realistic survival.

We regularly participate in a variety of game jams, which have lead to games like: No-thing Island (Ludum Dare 45), Entropy (Ludum Dare 38), and Vigilante 2084 (Cyberpunk Jam).

We're big fans of open source and you can find most of our newer games on GitHub.

Contact us

Want to get in touch? Email supportREMOVETHISBIT@sleepystudios.net.

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