• Depthe

    In Depthe, the crypt reacts to every move you make

  • The Courier of Cobblecove

    A point-and-click adventure in an increasingly bizarre world

  • Trash Planet

    Waste-recycling has never been so efficient

  • Swerve City

    Delay the inevitable by outrunning the ever-increasing police presence

  • Under the Weather

    Why are these planets trying to kill me?

  • Shook

    Guns, fish and fish with guns

  • Curse of the Loop

    Every tomb has their own curse - this one just happens to have a sense of humour

  • Night Keeper

    Protect your fire - don't go insane

  • No-thing Island

    You wake up on an island with nothing

  • Scrunk

    An online team-based building and raiding game. Fight off robots and infiltrate the enemy team's base while building up and defending your own

  • Boaty.io

    Sail the seas, fight other ships and plunder loot!

  • Shattered

    Online multiplayer bulb-smashing, power-saving action

  • Entropy

    A multiplayer tug-of-war set in a small world of chaos

  • Heart Heist

    A randomly-generated stealth game where you can blend into the environment

  • Superstatic

    A top-down shooter where you're given the ability to possess and control your enemies

  • In Air

    A puzzle game where your weapons of choice are paper aeroplanes

  • I Wanna Be The Ghostbuster

    A Halloween adventure inspired by the unforgiving design of I Wanna Be The Guy

  • Spacewatch

    A procedurally generated puzzle game focusing on connecting and traversing planets

  • Keyboard Twister

    A local multiplayer game whereby up to 8 players play twister around a keyboard

  • Twodoors

    A tiny game about helping civilians get out of a burning building while keeping the bad guys in

  • Trigeon

    An action game where you control a three-man dungeon group in their battle against a single dungeon boss

  • Vigilante 2084

    A cyberpunk action platformer with a focus on hacking

  • You Only Get One Shot

    A multiplayer arena game where you and your opponent only have...one shot

  • The Trial

    A platformer where you use motivation to run faster, jump higher and survive

  • Sorce

    An online arena PVP game with a focus on spellcasting

  • I Swallowed My Arrow Key

    A hack and slash game where you're assigned random quests

  • Crawle

    A sandbox game with a focus on realistic survival: Live off the wilderness, hunt animals, manage your body's health and craft new tools and armour in order to survive

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